An analysis of the north won the civil war

This strategy was responsible for shortening the duration of the War drastically, as there were limited resources for the South to manage on.

In the pages of American history, along with success and triumphs, is the bitterness of internal strife and battle with the occurrence of the American Civil War. Morse"s telegraph had become an ideal answer to the problems of long-distance communication, with its latest triumph of land taking shape in the form of the Pacific telegraph, which ran from New York to San Francisco and used 3, miles of wire Brinkley et al.

Nearly years after the first sign of fighting, the Civil War is a memory that history is trying to forget. This became known as the Solid South.

Why The North Won The Civil War

And acquaint the Americans they did: A Social History of the United States A skilled mechanic in England, Slater spent long hours studying the schematics for the spinning jenny until finally he no longer needed them. There also existed a problem in the fact that there were large gaps between many crucial parts of the South, which required suppliers to make detours over long distances or to carry goods between rails by wagon Catton, The Coming Fury The Union had an estimated 1, to 2, soldiers.

The Confederacy had made one fatal mistake: They believed that the North would then be forced to acquiesce to the "perfect" Southern society.

With its meager production of only four percent of the nation"s locomotives and its scant 9, miles of track, the Confederacy stood in painful awareness of its inferiority Randall and Donald 8. On the other hand, even capable leaders like Jefferson Davis and George W. Luckily, immigration numbers were skyrocketing at this time, and the sudden profusion of factory positions that needed to be filled was not a big problem See Appendices and Randall and Donald Another obstacle arose in the problem of track gauge.

The Union army had a sense of camaraderie and cooperation amongst their officers. Although slow to accept change, The South was not entirely unaffected by the onset of the Industrial Revolution. After the war, the Union wanted to end slavery and strip the rebel Southern states of their power to define citizenship and to deny their citizens of fundamental rights.

The South, on the other hand, could not boast such logistical prowess. Whitney was working as a tutor for a plantation owner in Georgia he was also, ironically, born and raised in New England and therefore knew the problems of harvesting cotton Brinkley et al.

Northern farmers were fighting for their very livelihood, which was being eaten up by the rich Southerner land owners, who had enough money to buy large tracts of land and many slaves to work on it. Yet, ironically, it also buttressed the growing schism between the two diverging societies Therefore, the North won the American Civil War due to the strength of their industrialized economy, rather than their commanders and strategies.

The American Civil War was fought between the North (The Union) and the South (The Confederates), because of the South wanting to secede from the North. The Civil War suffered from a great number of casualties but was fought with great strategy, tactics, and manipulation of their territory’s resources on both sides of the war.

Beliefs as to why the North won the war.

Why Did The North Won The Civil War

Why The North Won The Civil War, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature. The Civil War, or the "War between the states," was fought on both moral and economic grounds.

It was certain advantages, however, inherent in the North, that inevitably told the tale of victory.

Advantages of the Union. The Different Strategies Used by the North and South During the Civil War. deadliest war in American History. The Civil War was fought between the Northern free states and the Southern slave states.

The death toll wassoldiers, with countless numbers of civilian injuries and casualties.

Why Did the North Win the Civil War

Why the North Won the Civil War essaysJust judging from the "tale of the tape" immediately before the Second American Revolution broke out, it is amazing that the South managed to battle so valiantly for so long, dragging out the fight for several years, before finally being forced to give.

An analysis of the north won the civil war
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