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In the penultimate scene, the audience sees newspaper clippings about the massacre tacked to the wall. In essence, his heroism, or more accurately, his antiheroic actions, stem from his need to impress and ultimately save two females: The problem with this analysis, however, is that the viewer is never provided with any explicit information that Travis has ever served in combat.

However, it is a clever way to suggest that he is an enigma given the public pessimism about government and the military in the mid-seventies. In essence, Scorsese suggests that a battle is slowly brewing between Travis and Sport over the construction of masculinity.

Temple University Press, Ironically, Travis sees himself as a kind of white minority who is being absorbed by a growing criminal class of non-whites. The only true relationship in the film is between Sport and Iris, and that relationship is Black elements in taxi driver essay on illegal exploitation.

Although Travis lives in the city, he stands formed by his own loneliness and trapped by his own isolation because he cannot seem to connect with anyone on a personal level. If David Berkowitz had killed a few pimps and drug pushers along the way, would the public have regarded him a hero and given him a pass for murdering innocent women?

Taxi Driver

Italian and Irish Filmmakers in America: The first scene I want to analyze is the one of Travis first applying to become a taxi driver. There is now a cut to Travis in his taxi. Historically, Taxi Driver appeared after a decade of war in Vietnamand after the Watergate crisis and subsequent resignation of Nixon.

Travis is isolated from the rest of the world. Scarecrow Press, In what has become one of the most quoted monologues in film history, Travis says: There is a stack of magazines on his bed. This penultimate scene is shot with a slow camera pan across an article on Iris and her parents as her father reads a letter to Travis in voice-over that praises his dubious distinction and thanks him for sending Iris back home.

His apartment is a visual contradiction to what Travis is saying. Scorsese illustrates every black man in the film as a dark figure who appears ready for a confrontation. Mean Streets and Raging Bulls: In the beginning of the film, Travis complains about being lonely and not having any place to go.

It is night time and we have none diegetic soundtrack playing. He tries to control his own fate and change his situation by getting a job and finding a girl.

Thus his working-class and drifter-like status permits the audience to easily witness how the capitalist system has not worked for Travis. Twayne Publishing, The law-abiding Travis was invisible, but the murderous Travis is a hero. This again reinforces the sense of isolationism that Travis is feeling.

The news media has embraced Travis Bickle after his act of vigilantism. The scene opens with the camera panning to fallow Travis from inside the cafeteria while he walks in.

We get the impression that the last sense of belonging Travis felt was when he was in the marines. Travis does indeed remain a taxi driver, which suggests that he may not have as much power over his fate as we might expect. Oxford University Press, Yet the more his isolation leads to psychosis, the more he believes in the American cinematic hero movie myths of innocence and evil; as such he feels compelled to certify these myths through action.

As Doughboy is speaking to him the sound is turned down and Doughboy can be barely heard over the sound of the Alka-Seltzer fizzing. This failure of the media to effectively research this man prior to going ahead with this story evidences its priorities.

When Travis is exiting the garage the camera leaves him and does a panning shot of the garage almost like he is so isolated that the camera itself can become detached from him.

The film switches to a medium straight on angle shot as Travis sits down on the extreme right of the frame. It is critical to recognize the irony here because people of color are usually most at risk of retaliations for violent inner-city crime.

Thus, Travis can be identified as a reactive immigrant exiled to an inner city sprawl where he is slowly dehumanized by a postmodern society. Travis watches the action from his rear-view mirror as Scorsese employs an extreme close-up of his eyes to elicit his purposeful gaze.

In essence, by becoming a hero through postmodern imagery, the masses will now accede to a falsely constructed icon, and Travis, to facilitate his already odd personage, gains a coherent identity through the incoherence of violence. Shots in the Mirror: It is now almost impossible to separate Taxi Driver from this debate.“Taxi driver” subverts the use of classical Hollywood narrative by its use of a circular narrative.

We begin and end with Travis in his taxi, driving around looking for fares. We will write a custom essay sample on How does “Taxi Driver” specifically for you. Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver is a gritty, disturbing, nightmarish modern film classic that examines alienation in urban society.

From a postmodernist’s perspective, it combines the elements of noir, the Western, horror, and urban melodrama as it explores the psychological madness within an. Taxi Driver literature essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the movie Taxi Driver by director Martin Scorsese. The Struggle for Identity and Commoditization in Society in Taxi Driver. Read this essay on Taxi Driver.

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Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. cinematography, and editing. Most normal formal elements that are used in film noir are within Taxi Driver.

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The hero, most of the time in film noir, is a washed up hero who is preconditioned to descend into darkness in order to let justice prevail. Martin Scorsese's Film, Taxi Driver Essay; Martin Scorsese's Film, Taxi Driver Essay. Words 9 Pages. Synopsis As Travis meets with a black-market gun dealer, and in this scene the weapon literally becomes the organ of perception.

In order to make the film successful he utilized a series of film elements. Scorsese made use of camera. Read this Music and Movies Essay and over 88, other research documents.

Taxi Driver. Taxi Driver I am going to take four scene from the taxi driver and show how the mise-en /5(1).

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