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Identifies what customers expect of companies in terms of: Tracking This is done in a number of ways, call centres track phone calls made, or sample them, that can be reviewed and the CS journey analysed. Especially important with products that are technically complex or would require specialist help should they fail.

Non strategically important supplies - are those the business needsbut can be sourced from a number of suppliers and so there is less emphasis on forging strategic alliances and partnerships that demand a considerable investment of management time.

This is linked to the relationship between capacity utilisation and unit cost of production How do you calculate unit cost of production? Follow up satisfaction surveys It is an opportunity for a company to gather feedback on its performance and highlight good practice, but also gain an early warning of possible customer-service failings.

What can cause fluctuations in demand? Rationalisation is the process of reducing capacity selling outlets, and reducing staff levels to match current and foreseeable future demands, while allowing for some spare capacity to meet fluctuations.

What ever standards are used, there purpose is to: What are the key factors involved in choosing Business studies operations suppliers?

This clearly makes operations management a complex set of activites and these are target led. Also the relationship between the quality and cost, being the cheapest is not neccessarily good value for money if customer complaints increase when cheaper but lower quality products are included in the final product.

Strategic importance of the goods and services.

Disadvantages are the increase in costs for hiring agaency staff, paying overtime rates, and training costs as well as lower productivity levels However it is better to call in staff when needed than to bear the cost of having staff with little work during slack periods. How does good customer service affect profitability?

Nature of supplier relationship - how easy is it to work with the supplier? Strategically important supplies are essential to a business and there may be a limited number of possible suppliers.

However, they are very good at gaining very detailed qualitative evidence. What to consider when accepting non-standard orders for production? This is achieved by putting in place a set of quality standards that are agreed and put in place at all stages of production.

Succesful companies have learned that they are more competitive in such circumstances if they are responsive to their customers and are customer focused rather than simply cost and profit.

It is the expected levels of service and performance that is expected by the customer, and applies not only to the finished product or service delivered, but also to the business processes that are required to make the product or develop and deliver the service. Productivity Reliability and efficiency of production Suppliers and purchasing Quality Flexibility of production.

What are the systems of quality Assurance? Focus groups These tend to relate to a specific area as they are expensive to set up.

If it is innovative and popular, the demand may increase so the company will have some competitive advantage, at least for a while. What are the benefits of good suppliers to the operational performance of the business? Is concerned with preventing business processes producing quality failures.

Buffer stocks tie up capital that may not see a return for some time. The meaning of quality is? Is the proportion of the max capacity in use by the current level of out put.

Satisfaction surveys may show an issuethere may not be enough detail in the survey to understand why. Use of quality standards Successful companies implement standards of service for dealing with customers. Reliability - very important for strategic supplies. It requires a significant investment in training and development of employees to understand their role in maintaining a quality assurance culture in the organisation.

What are the 2 key factors associated with quality assurance? An operations manager is the responsible for the function of the following key ares: The added benefit, if a company has a robust quality assurance system in place, it reduces the cost of inspection at the end as it is less likely to produce faulty goods and services.

ISO European wide standard and to gain this standard, a company must be assessed to show that it: The plant, machinery and premise represent fixed costs to the business which means that potentially these cost will not going to be covered.

Quality - can consistency of quality be maintained irrespective of the quantity and frequency of supply?

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Selecting suppliers with compatible ICT systems benefits both parties.A career in business operations and management can include monitoring, evaluating and streamlining organizational processes in order to increase the efficient production or delivery of goods and services.

Read on to learn more about career and education options for business and operations managers. Business studies information by syllabus outcomes (HSC) TOPIC: Operations Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

Business Studies Case StudiesTopic I: Operations ManagementChapter 1: The Role of OperationsA1: Apple• Cost Leadership: Apple has reduced its operations costs by forming partnershipswith manufacturers such as Foxconn in China, also by developing lower cost modelssuch as the iPhone 5c and continuing older models of the iPhone (4 & 4s) to targetgrowing markets such as China and India.•.

• Topical case studies reflect business in action in the real world. Business Studies in Action value pack that suits your needs, TOPIC 1 OPERATIONS 1. Role of operations management 2. Influences on operations management 3. Operations processes 4. Operations strategies.

Operations refers to the business function that involves the transformation of a businesses inputs into outputs that satisfy consumer needs and wants. Operations management is influenced by a range of factors from the external business environment that are out of the businesses control.

Business Studies with Operations & Project Management International Business Studies. All statistics shown throughout this page are taken from Unistats, Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE), BU institutional data and Ipsos MORI (National Student Survey) unless otherwise stated.

Business studies operations
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