Comparison between tod homer and miss

His goal is to find inspiration for the picture he is getting ready to begin, a work titled "The Burning of Los Angeles. In this way they are similar, but they are actually very different. Inthe Modern Library ranked The Day of the Locust seventy-third on its list of the best English-language novels of the 20th century.

As the ghastly conclusion of the story makes clear, however, our narrator and the townspeople he represents had only and always seen Emily from the outside-as the fact that they penetrate the inside of her house only after her death emphasizes.

Compare and contrast Emily in

One of the points of the story, in fact, is that the narrator sees more than he comprehends. Also, the evidence makes clear that the narrator, along with everybody else, supposes both that Emily and Homer might marry and that their relationship is already sexual.

By all means, let the readers respond. These characters are Tod Hackett, and Homer Simpson. To begin with, our hypothesis would lead us to pose a new set of intriguing, if unanswerable questions.

She lives in a wealthy home and seems to have it all. Faye has moved out and Homer has decided to return to Iowa. On the Interpretation of Narrative.

Irving Howe, for example hardly a newfangled criticadmits that "A Rose for Emily" is a tour de force, but contends that it is "too cunningly a tour de force" Given the narrative framework of the story, we can only imagine-we are not privy to-the loneliness and longing that Emily must have felt to have killed a man and slept beside his decaying corpse; yet we must undertake perhaps an equivalent imaginative flight to comprehend the confusion and frustration endured by Homer Barron, a gay man in an age when homosexuality was virtually tantamount to necrophilia.

The townspeople feel this way about Emily as she starts hanging around Homer Barron; they are curious and judgmental, and even intervene a bit, as far as they can.

Homer Simpson (Almost) Discovered The Elusive ‘God Particle’ Fourteen Years Before Science Did

Faye, however, does not take Homer seriously. It does seem incongruous, for example, that Homer Barron, a mere "day laborer," is outfitted so resplendently on his Sunday afternoon drives with Miss Emily. In the popular culture consumed by our students-in movies, television shows, and best-selling novels-homosexuality is portrayed as prevalent and random; one of the lessons, in addition to the truth that gays are as fully human as anybody else, seems to be that all kinds of people whom you would least suspect, because they defy simplistic stereotypes, are in fact homosexuals.

Homer is more understandable on a psychological level. Every time he imagines raping her, reality interrupts his fantasy before he can complete the act. Adore Loomis — a precocious child actor who teases Homer until he snaps.

As a result, there is a clear sense of acting that spills beyond the confines of Hollywood studios, into the streets of Los Angeles. The crowd riots and Tod is caught in the violent, sexual frenzy. Rather, as Harold Bloom would have it, we must choose not between right and wrong readings, but between weak and strong misreadings-the latter distinguished by their tendency to produce other readings.

In On Deconstruction, Jonathan Culler writes, "When discussing many modernist works, one can stress the activity of the reader while treating it as the accomplishment of a determinate task: Tod is employed by a Hollywood studio "to learn set and costume designing.

Student Answers mkcapen1 Student The two characters contrast in regards to their life styles and reasons for their actions. Tod can no longer see Homer.Although West projects aspects of himself into Tod and Homer, Readers coming to The Day of the Locust after reading Miss Lonelyhearts should also be prepared for other differences.

The characters in the later novel are also grotesques and composites, but many of them are aware of their artificiality and have accepted it as necessary to. Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast Emily in "A Rose for Emily" and Matt in "Killings".no' and find homework help for other A Rose for Emily questions at eNotes.

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Homer is a bit different from Tod, and Miss Lonelyhearts in this area. Homer is more understandable on a psychological level. At first, Homer seems as though he is uneducated, and also very clumsy. The Day of the Locust is a novel by American author Nathanael West set in Hollywood, Richard Gehman writes that the novel was "more ambitious" than Miss Lonelyhearts and "showed marked progress in West's thinking and in his approach toward maturity as a writer." Tod befriends Homer.

The story dramatizes so many separate antinomies that the irreconcilable differences between Emily's and Homer's attitudes towards sexual, romantic relationships are easy to overlook, yet this may be the one difference that seals Homer's fate.

Comparison between tod homer and miss
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