Fbi the vulnerability of infrastructures to cyber attacks

During financial sector hacks, DDOS attacks blocked customers from accessing financial websites and disrupted businesses. Government cyber attacks included the use of spear-phishing and password spray hacks to obtain confidential information.

The indictment identified two Iran government-linked hacker groups behind a series of cyber attacks, the ITSec Team and the Mersad Company.

Can Anything Stop Cyber Attacks?

Against that backdrop, fighting cyber threats has never been more important. Hunt said cyber crimes have cost the U. We have yet to have ownership of this issue, and we have yet to have fully [transparent reporting]. A top-secret National Security Agency document from said "Iran continues to conduct distributed denial of service attacks against numerous U.

An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment. Around that time, another massive breach was underway at the U. The number of hearings on cyber-related issues has risen from one a month to six or seven a week, Kroese said.

DHS, FBI Warn Companies of Ongoing Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

What have companies done to defend ourselves better? But Olsen also pointed to one critical difference between counterterrorism and cyber security that make security in the latter harder to achieve: But there are hundreds of thousands of unfilled cyber security jobs in this country. We are like the little boy with his finger in the dike.

What pain did we inflict on Russia for the attack on our election? Olsen saw the U. In some cases, cyber issues also get bipartisan support, he noted. The Iranians gained confidential information and proprietary data from the schools and universities.

The actors are precisely the same people who always meant us harm. Among the methods used are open-source reconnaissance, spear-phishing emails sent from compromised legitimate accounts, and watering-hole domains—websites that are set up to trick users into providing information used to penetrate target networks.

FBI: Iran to Launch New Cyber Attacks

We need to do better to share information and work the private sector with the public sector … more effectively. We have to move faster, that is the call.Adm. Mike Rogers, Cyber Command commander and director of the National Security Agency, told Congress in May he is concerned about foreign nations using attacks against critical infrastructures that run the electric grid, financial systems, communications networks, the transportation systems, and others.

The Need for a Consolidated FBI Headquarters Building Richard L. Haley, II, Assistant Director, Facilities and Finance Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Statement Before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management, Washington, D.C.

In terms of the threat faced by your organization, what factors may have contributed to those cyber attacks which harmed your network data or systems in the last 12 months? (Select all that apply) Attractiveness of your organization to attack (e.q., due to the its profile, assets, etc).

The FBI has cyber squads in each of our 56 field offices, with more than 1, advanced cyber-trained FBI agents, analysts, and forensic examiners.

We have increased the capabilities of our employees by selectively seeking candidates with technical skills and enhancing our cyber training. Nov 11,  · Earlier this year, the FBI released information on Ugly Gorilla, a Chinese attacker who invaded the control systems of utilities in the United States.

While the FBI suspects this was a scouting mission, Ugly Gorilla gained the cyber keys necessary for. DCSINT Handbook No.Critical Infrastructure Threats and Terrorism 10 August i Preface This handbook is one in a series of supplements to TRADOC DCSINT Handbook No.

1, A Military Guide to Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century, which is a basic terrorism primer prepared under the direction of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, Assistant.

Fbi the vulnerability of infrastructures to cyber attacks
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