Functional health patterns on a person

This amnesia can extend backwards to a period of time prior to administration; therefore, patient teaching done just before a procedure may not be recalled by the patient.

Pattern of role engagements and relationships, perceptions of major roles and responsibilities in current life situations Impact of pattern on drug therapy: The latter could result in unintentional noncompliance with therapeutic regimens due to the time and stress involved in caregiving for others.

Availability of a refrigerator is necessary for storage of certain drugs e. Adrenergic blockers block the effects of the sympathetic nervous system on target tissues and therefore alter many of the physiological reactions to stress; this is the basis for their use in treating hypertension as well as stage fright.

Impact of drug therapy on pattern Drugs may affect the nutrition metabolic pattern by altering gastrointestinal function.

This information can help to design an effective regimen that the patient will adhere to. Alopecia, moon facies, and facial hirsutism can occur with glucocorticosteroids. Caregiving responsibilities for both children and parents are important to assess in terms of providing expertise in care giving and also as a source of stress to the patient.

Gordon's functional health patterns

The amount of body fat may have implications for the distribution, and therefore dosing, of fat-soluble drugs. Persons with severe malnutrition usually can not mount an adequate immune response, resulting in possible false negative results with diagnostic tests such as tuberculin testing that rely on an intact immune response.

The amount and type of fluid intake may influence drug effects.

For example the absorption of tetracyclines will be decreased if given with antacids or iron preparations. Alcohol can affect the microsomal enzymes and therefore affect the metabolism of many drugs. The steroids cause moon face, and redistribution of fat to the upper torso.

Cigarette smoking may affect risk factors for complications of oral contraceptives; may be a contraindication. Clinicians need to warn patients about this sedation; many occupations require employees to report to their employers whenever they are taking any medications e.

This can be positive or negative effect, depending upon the situation and intent of the drug therapy. Elimination of drugs through the skin often is not appreciated because it is not usually visible. The FHP discussed below incorporate both subjective and objective data.

The decrease in serum protein albumin can result in highly protein-bound drugs having higher than expected levels of "free" drug. Assessment of the ways in which the patient usually handles stress can provide clues to possible self-medication with alcohol or other drugs of abuse licit or illicit to help the person handle stress.

Sometimes the sedation produced by many of drugs as side effect usually abates after two or three weeks. The latter results in an additional time period of suppression of ACTH and the adrenal cortex and thus increases the probability of adrenal atrophy.

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Effects on drug therapy on pattern Antianxiety agents and other psychotropics obviously can alter emotion responses and reactions to stress. The beliefs elicited in this pattern are closely related to the first pattern-health perception-health management- providing a full circle of the patterns and demonstrating their interactive nature.

The current reproductive status and methods of birth control is essential to know, especially in women, in order to determine the risk of any medication to a fetus at the present or in the future while on drug therapy.Chapters 6 and 7. NURS Goals set for a person's behavior that, if achieved, reflect positive results from nursing intervention.

Functional health patterns. An assessment framework of 11 health-related behaviors developed by Gordon; these patterns interact to make up an individual's lifestyle Functional health patterns are.

The following Functional Health Pattern assessment is based on a 65 year old Scottish woman who lives independently with her husband in their home at Happy Valley.

Gordon's Functional Health Patterns provide a useful framework for assessing the myriad of factors that can influence drug response, and that can impact on compliance and successful outcomes of drug therapy. Using Functional Health Patterns 23 Refer to Chapter 2 “Assessment,” p.

Care Plans Developed after using Functional Health Patterns Assessment Model difficulty, orientated to time, place, and person. Role/Relationship Pattern • Married for 30 years. Lives with husband. Has five grown children, three of whom live very close to.

Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide Functional Health Pattern (FHP) Template Directions: This FHP template is to be used for organizing community assessment data in preparation for completion of your collaborative learning community (CLC) assignment.

More about Essay on Gordon's Functional Health Pattern. TOPIC: Gordon's 11 Functional Patterns PATTERN OF HEALTH PERCEPTION & HEALTH MANAGEMENT PATTERN OF SLEEP & REST How does the person describe her/ his current health? What does the person do to improve or maintain her/ his health?/5(9).

Functional health patterns on a person
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