How successful was alexander ii in transforming russian society essay

The nobility owned the best land, and the vast majority of peasants lived in poverty. Many were forced to pay a lot more then the land was actually worth. The Finnish language was encouraged and their was even a slight move towards toleration of Jews.

This was mainly down to the complexity of the situation, which none really understood. However there were key flaws in many of his reforms.

How Successful Were the Reforms of Alexander II? Essay Sample

Even if he was unsuccessful in reforming the economy, few leaders in Russia have been, difficult environmental conditions and un-commercial peasants were at the heart of Russia economic failures.

However, Alexander II most notorious restructuring was to be the emancipation of the serfs. This new justice system allowed the poorer members of society to be given sympathetic hearings.

Transport was significantly improved, by the end of his reign the total amount of railways in Russia extended themselves to 22,km which was a notable improvement when compared to the 1,km before the reforms.

Alexander II had served in one of these committees, however none had achieved anything. In addition to the political and administrative reforms, Alexander also brought in important legal reforms, he established clear hierarchies in courts and implemented a new system which ensured that judges were better paid and better trained.

Despite having to work in appalling conditions, they were still provided with lodgement and food no matter how little. The emancipation did not improve the living standards of the peasants.

Russia became divided into two groups.

How successful were the attempts by Alexander II to reform Russia?

The preposterously long military service was reduced from 25 to 6 years. In addition to this, all non-state land was given to nobles, maybe to appease their anger at loosing their free labour. This organisation regularly collected tax from the unfortunate workers.

These reforms were accepted by the public and were successfully applied. Even though the emancipation of the serfs was nothing more than a symbol, it promoted liberalism and was an attempt to give equal opportunities to all. Serfs were also to suffer less cruel treatment at the hands of greedy landlords.

How successful was Alexander II in transforming Russian Society

Reforms urgently needed to be instigated if Russia was to become part of the modern European nations. This led to the birth of Russian political journalism which also encouraged fair trials as it would criticize the justice system.How successful were Alexander reforms in transforming Russian Society by ?

24 marks Alexander came to power inbut before he became Tsar Alexander witnessed the shameful defeat against Britain, France and Turkey in the Crimean War in This had given him the opportunity to observe some of the problems which Russia faced; Alexander believed that changes had to be made.

Below is an essay on "How Significant Was the Role of Reforming Leaders in the Changing Nature of Russian Society " from Anti Essays, your source for. For Alexander II to deserve the title of Tsar Liberator he would have to have released the Russian people from bondage.

In Alexander II passed the Ukase of the emancipation of the serfs, which saw the freeing of 40 million serfs. How Successful Were the Reforms of Alexander II? Essay Sample.

To What Extent Did Alexander II fundamentally transform Russia

Alexander II reigned for twenty-six years and in this time, created several reforms. How successful were Alexander's Reforms?

Task 7: Essay Assignment To what extent do you agree that Alexander II transformed Russian society? See the following pages in Waller for advice of answering Paper 3 questions Planning pp Markscheme p Alexander II was the Tsar Liberator who, despite unflattering characterization by his contemporaries, undertook one of the biggest reforms in Russian history: the liberation of the serfs.

How successful was alexander ii in transforming russian society essay
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