Islamic fundamentalism 2 essay

This dissertation is mainly focused in the South Asian region but it is an endeavor to contribute something for the world peace and stability too. Islamic terrorism is a transnational terrorism and has no boundary. Terrorism has a long history.

South Asian countries should be engaged in many fronts to tackle Islamic terrorism successfully. All the people of South Asia as well as of the world whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims should work together for world peace and security for the benefit of entire human beings.

Most of the victims are innocent Muslim people. For the thorough understanding of the issue, the study is limited within the time frame of twenty years starting from until Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Miscellaneous work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

Issues like Kashmir issue in South Asia and Palestine issue in the Middle East should be resolved pragmatically by all the concerned so that new recruits are not lured and radicalized using these grievances by the Islamic fundamentalists.

Radicalization in madrassas and mosques should be scrutinized periodically in any country and law and order of the countries must be effective.

But due to radical Muslim groups within the Islamic world, Islamic terrorism has become a big concern for regional as well as world peace and security since the late 20th century.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. This study aims to study in depth about Islamic terrorism in South Asia in particular and in the world in general. Search our thousands of essays: It should be tackled with a regional and international cooperation making a top concern.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the most affected countries by Islamic terrorism. A Nepalese scholar has to rely on primary and sources available in the books, internet and TV and documentaries available.

Therefore a proper security measures should be adopted by every country to trace and neutralize these activities. Therefore no country is immune to it. Also some inputs from different personalities such as scholars whether Muslims or non-Muslims have been very useful to get inputs for this dissertation.

Islamic Fundamentalism

This study finds that Islam is the religion of peace and has nothing to do with contemporary religiously motivated terrorism. Internet has become an important tool for terrorist organizations for psychological warfare, recruitment, and different trainings like bomb making etc.

All these data from wide range of sources are analytically used in a descriptive way in this dissertation to make easy to understand for all the concerned.

The field research although very less along the Indian border where Nepalese Muslim people have been living for centuries have become valuable to learn Muslim way of thinking, living etc. For this purpose this dissertation is endeavored to write with available materials in three main chapters: There are many reasons which caused increasing Islamic terrorism in South Asia.

Iranian Revolution of also played a significant role to inspire sectarian violence between Shia-Sunni sects in South Asia. Some of the major reasons among them, the vacuum left by international community in Afghanistan and Pakistan Af-Pak region gave Islamic fundamentalist groups to get stronger in all aspects like money, manpower, weapons, tactics, trainings etc.

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And also there is no single solution to it. Causes of Islamic terrorism, affected countries and people in South Asia, and ways to tackle the scourge of Islamic terrorism in South Asia are needed to be studied accurately.

This time frame also helped to correlate the trend of Islamic terrorism with the post the post Cold War.

In a way, Islamic terrorism supports not only the phenomenon of the clash of civilizations as prominent Harvard professor Samuel P Huntington opines, between the West and the Islamic world in higher level, it further suggests that South Asia in particular has seen sectarian violence primarily between Shia and Sunni sects within Islam, between Islamic fundamentalists and respective government, and proxy wars between Pakistan and India using Islamic fundamentalists for their national security interests.

Islamic terrorism has become a big security concern of South Asia for more than twenty years. Any terrorism without funding cannot survive longer and for that all the countries should work together to stop funding.

Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.Islamic Fundamentalism and the Subjugation of Women Essay Islamic Fundamentalism and the Subjugation of Women On September 27th,the extremist militia, the Taliban, seized control of the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul.

Islamic Fundamentalism is a religious ideology which advocates literalistic interpretations of the sacred Islamic text, the Quran. This ideology is founded on the conviction that Islamic law, the sharia, is the only valid system for regulating human li /5(3).

This essay will investigate will analyze why the attacks took place, focusing on the push of globalisation threatening Islam, what is Islamic Fundamentalism, the Israeli factor and Samuel P.

The main ideology that grips this movement is Islamic Fundamentalism/5(20). Islamic terrorism is the common term for violence,[1] rooted on Islamic fundamentalism, and aimed at defending, or even promoting, Islamic culture, society, and values in opposition to the political, allegedly imperialistic, and cultural influences of non-Muslims, and the Western world in particular.

Islamic Fundamentalism InIslamic terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in New York City, killing 7 people and injuring more than 1, In In this paper, the very definition of fundamentalism at its beginning will be presented, as well as the perversion of it that has led to the challenges and threats the West now has come to bear.

Roots of Fundamentalism.

Islamic fundamentalism 2 essay
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