Law review article submission cover letter

Law schools or other institutions can set up institutional accounts to subsidize their authors when they submit to law reviews on Scholastica. Beyond that, to be honest, I probably have never read the fine print of my author agreements with law journals, and so I may not be the best authority on this one.

Sample Law Review Submission Cover Letters

What you do in that case is ask for an extension. Notably, two of those are peer reviewed, which makes a big difference. For more information visit the Institutional Accounts page. Scholastica has a similar chronological feed, in which older submissions will disappear off the bottom of the screen unless the editor thinks to scroll down.

If your piece is good, many editors will be grateful for a second chance to consider it, perhaps in a situation when they have a little more time to engage. This is an awkward dance. Most law journals permit simultaneous submissions.

The Law Review Submission Process: A Guide for (and by) the Perplexed

Timing and Expedites Q: You mentioned earlier that expediting has some connection to when you should submit your article. And journals know that the snap reaction of the first screening reader who dinged your ms. Be fair, honest, and above-board, and they will not complain. Ideally, you take the opportunity to workshop and refine.

There are title norms and fads that are hard to describe succinctly but which one develops a feel for. Publish your law review online without hassle using a Scholastica journal website template. Some people do like to wait before submitting to top journals. This is not to say you need only submit to journals whose offer you would accept enthusiastically.

The less time we spend on administrative tasks, the more time we have for closely considering the merits of articles. They want me to publish in issue 6, but I want to publish sooner. Tired of trying to keep track of submission correspondences between authors and fellow editors buried in your email inbox?

How important is the abstract? You can start using Scholastica for article selection at no cost to your law review. I hope you will offer to publish the piece.

Having said all that, rankings are at best a fuzzy indicator.sample cover letter sample law review submission cover letters sample cover letters Sponsored Links Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Keeping Up with the Joneses () subtitle english. Submission Guidelines Each article submission must include the following documents: Article for publication consideration Cover Letter Resume Each article submitted must conform to the following guidelines: Articles must be under 40 pages Microsoft Word Format point font, Times New Roman 1-Inch Margins Double Spaced Left.

Following this post are four sample law review submission cover letters I have used in recent seasons.

The top choice among law reviews for article selection

I provide them after detecting an absence of any samples existing on the Internet and reviewing various posts and comment threads addressing the subject that leave readers conflicted about what a cover letter might accomplish.

first (and only) thing law review editors read. Do not just write, "I have enclosed my submission." Your cover letter should not only include a very brief summary of your article, but should also explain why you are the perfect person to have authored your Submitting to Law You can start using Scholastica for article selection at no cost to your law review.

Our article selection pricing model is a $ per submission fee, which authors or their institution pay, as explained below.

Law Review Submissions Guide Submission Tips & Law Review Rankings. Table of Contents 3 Publishing Insights for Authors 5 Top Law Review Rankings your cover letter and CV as well. Steps & Tips Make Your ExpressO Submission Be sure to choose law reviews whose focus.

Law review article submission cover letter
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