Simulation in logistics and supply chain

The group enjoyed the task whilst learning the various required aspects of Supply Chain management. Simulation in Supply Chain and Logistics About the course: The use of tools for the simulation of supply chain and logistics processes The knowledge of supply chain design and supply chain analytics Identify the actual risks and mitigation measures for their supply chains Understand patterns and possible bottlenecks as a result of planned changes Acquiring the knowledge of ripple and bullwhip effects identification trough simulations Personal Impact Delegates will learn how to perform the supply chain process design, identification of the distribution patterns and how are they implemented into the simulations, use of software for simulation of Supply Chain and Logistics processes, and airing personal learning edition of any Logistics supply chain simulation software; specifically, delegates will acquire: If you do well in the 6 month probation period, you get a permanent job and a pay hike.

The real-world business cases and its simulation practices will be provided along the course. Therefore, the company needed to design a new supply chain and align manufacturing processes with it.

Overall, the exercise was good and I would recommend this tool for anyone who is interested to learn the concepts of logistics, supply chain and operations. In a supply chain job, you could be involved in everything from the acquisition raw materials, to designing the optimal manufacturing process, ensuring quality and timely delivery to the users.

The training course focuses on how to apply simulation model to design and improve supply chain performances and efficiency. The company was launching a new vaccine product on a new market that needed a distribution network different from what they had before. Every supply chain is unique!

Delegates will go through the step-by-step process of creating the supply chain process, performing the risk assessments, acquiring and analyzing the results and preparing the recovery measures. The delegates will create simulation models based on the real life data, and will be encouraged to simulate the processes they are already working on.

Applications include supply chain network design, demand planning, production capacity planning, inventory planning, transportation modeling and warehouse operations. The real business cases will be used to ensure that the trainees will be able to conduct simulation experiments for real business applications at the end of the course.

Then, using the same supply chain model, run simulation experiments for safety stock estimation, risk analysis, and cash flow planning. The training course will be composed of 8 training days 48 hours with the series of lectures and simulation laboratories.

I think it would be perfect to assign as homework to a class — and have them write up a paper or summary on what they learned later.

Supply Chain Simulation Software

Course aims and learning outcomes: Send us an email: SCM is the backbone of any business. Developed by Sameer Kamat Founder MBA Crystal Ballit relies upon role-playing to evaluate existing skills and impart practical knowledge about a complex topic.

Read about our services and pricing. ALX supply chain planning software gives you the power to simulate, experiment, optimize, and innovate for your supply chain. Experience first hand what it feels like to manage a supply chain. The delegates will be provided with a Personal Learning Edition of the any Logistics software and will be walked through the examples of using the software for Supply Chain design, market planning, inventory optimization, warehouse practices improvement, risk management and customer satisfaction measurement.

The contractors decided to simulate the whole supply chain in order to visualize DC locations on a GIS map, and the supply network between them.

You need to ensure that you are balancing the production with the market demand. However the increasing of complexity, dynamic and uncertainty in businesses make it more difficult to make a proper decision than ever before.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Game

They need to be able to perform experiments in a virtual world, which will enable them to execute their ideas, without the risk of disturbing the supply chain in the real world.

Trainees should understand the structure of supply chain, each of its components and their relationship such as suppliers, customers, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and so on.

As the SCM Manager, take logistics decisions for your virtual company. Focusing on wholesales, the company considered distributors as customers.

As ERP is closely related to SCM, playing this game gave good insights to the students and helped them to relate to the concepts which they learnt in the classroom. Amalgama and Goldratt were contracted to design the potash mining operations and a full supply chain for outbound logistics.

Trainees should understand the main concepts of simulation modeling and how the simulation models can be used to deal with dynamic and uncertain systems. The focus is on the actual work of the delegates and their effective use of software.

Simulation modeling can provide a test platform for business strategies and plans, especially within the uncertain and dynamic business environment, without the necessity to implement expensive and time-consuming live tests.

In order to be able to recognize the possible bottlenecks and opportunities, the Supply Chain and Logistics specialists need to have a tool that will enable them to model the supply chain and logistics activities and visualize the actual process in real time.Supply Chain Simulation Software Arena has a proven track record of enabling companies to model and evaluate everything from global supply chains to warehouses.

Arena’s flowchart modeling methodology makes it easy to define and communicate the intricacies of a complex supply chain. Jun 17,  · Simulation Software Support and Discussion Forum - Healthcare simulation, Manufacturing Simulation, Logistics Simulation, Warehouse Simulation and more - CreateASoft, Inc.

This Supply Chain Management Simulation Game, inspired by the Beer Game (conceptualized by the MIT Sloan School of Management over half a century back), is an excellent way to learn the basic principles of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and appreciate the challenges faced by Logistics managers in a variety of businesses.

The Supply Chain Game is an online competitive simulation of a distribution network containing factories and shipping to warehouses located in differing regions. Supply chain simulation software helps you manage supply chain challenges, reducing costs, and improving customer service.

By providing deep and clear insight into the complex networks of suppliers, carriers, and freight forwarders, simulation can supercharge your supply chain and redefine your competitiveness. Supply Chain "As a COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) product, Simio fits perfectly to model the use of the armed forces logistics from Germany to Afghanistan.

The Supply Chain Game

Simio allows detailed analysis and individual 'links' as well as an aggregated end-to-end analysis and optimization of complex supply chains of the Bundeswehr.

Simulation in logistics and supply chain
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