The internet community and the benefits of the information superhighway

When the Internet was still in the early stages of its deployment, Congressman Gore provided intellectual leadership by helping create the vision of the potential benefits of high speed computing and communication.

The terms broadband, narrowband and mid-band, refer to the bandwidth, or data transfer rate, of the connection being used. This kind of asymmetrical design implies that only a limited number of sites will have the capability of outputting large volumes of bandwidth onto the Information SuperHighway.

Accompanying this period was the development of communications technology, whereby in the early s, satellites allowed man to connect over the entire globe[1]. James Slevin considers these issues in relation to the theory of globalisation, which must be seen in both economic and cultural terms, when people or organisations seek to operate on a global stage.

These predictions may not be too ambitious because all those who subscribe to digital television services will have Internet access as standard.

As Negroponte states, "a fibre the size of a human hair can deliver every issue ever made of the Wall Street Journal in less that one second. The greater problem than instilling these values in children, is making them appeal to people who have not grown up with digital technologies.

Moreover, the video would then be available to anyone with access to the Information Superhighway, globally. This event is the precursor to the modern day Internet. Some organizations are already using computers and telephone messaging systems to experiment with this kind of demographic targeting.

A decade ago we saw legislative attempts to favor large studio film and video productions over independent productions in proposals to "tax" blank tapes. Any conception of a traditional market for making beneficial exchanges, such as an agricultural market or trading pit, or any system where individuals respond to posted prices on a computer screen is woefully inadequate for the extremely large number of often complex trades that will be required.

University of Chicago Press, ]. Also earmarked are a raft of basic technologies like digital imaging and data storage. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Apple Inc. Digital music, for instance, is typically the collection of 44, approximations of the original analogue information each second.

Al Gore and information technology

His essay, "Infrastructure for the Global Village", commented on the lack of network access described above and argued: The Information Superhighway fulfils the criteria of being a development for the good. InAl Gore introduced the term stating that the "Information Superhighway will allow us to share information, to connect, and to communicate as a global community.

So he really does deserve credit.Brief History of the Internet. information acquisition, and community operations. Origins of the Internet. and ushered in high speed networks that laid the networking foundation for the future information superhighway.

Ina National Research Council report, again chaired by Kleinrock (and with Kahn and Clark as members again. The Information Superhighway: Tells about the positive and negative effects that the information superhighway (internet) has had on society.

information superhighway

Topics: Sales, The benefits of this revolution have changed how are society works, plays, and lives. A discussion of how the Internet will become the Information Superhighway.

When Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb init would have been hard to conceive that within the space of a lifetime, man would have sent a craft to the moon. Community Networks: Uses, Benefits, Set-Up, and Design global “information superhighway”.

Community networks make several education opportunities available at the local level. In addition, communities can access the The Internet and information technology allows businesses to do business cheaper. Definition of information superhighway: Internet-type global network of computers that, potentially, will connect most of world's individuals, firms, and organizations.

It is envisioned to provide very high speed access to information in. Benefits of Getting on the Information Superhighway. A computer that is connected to the Internet allows you to turn your home, community center, local library, or school into a place of unlimited information and communication.

The internet community and the benefits of the information superhighway
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