The truth behind the us involvement in the vietnam war

Assuming KIAs accurately represented age groups serving in Vietnam, the average age of an infantryman MOS 11B serving in Vietnam to be 19 years old is a myth, it is actually In the official war, the people of South Vietnam were resisting the attempts of the North Vietnamese to conquer them in the name of world communism.

Graphic footage of casualties on the nightly news eliminated any myth of the glory of war. In the meantime, the Forward Air Controllers were calling in air strikes as requested by radio from troops on the ground. A successful attack on major cities might force the United States to negotiate or perhaps even to withdraw.

They were cut down in a hail of fire. Vietnamization of the war, however, created a dilemma for U. It resulted in the death of some 45, NVA troops and the complete, if not total destruction of the Viet Cong elements in South Vietnam.

Without the helicopter, the war would have been fought very differently. The NLF even managed to breach the outer walls of the U. Their chief abuser, however, was their own government, which first lied to them about the causes and nature of the war, then sent them off to fight for an unpopular, dictatorial regime in a land where they were widely regarded as foreign invaders.

These women saw the draft as one of the most disliked parts of the war machine and sought to undermine the war itself through undermining the draft. An avowed anti-communist since early in his political career, Nixon could make diplomatic overtures to the communists without being accused of being "soft on communism".

That moral imperative argument against the war was especially popular among American college students, who were more likely than the general public to accuse the United States of having imperialistic goals in Vietnam and to criticize the war as "immoral.

The United States sent military troops to assist the South Vietnamese as they reestablished their government. Sometimes they shot at people.

At Last: The Real Story of the Vietnam War

By March, the long-awaited ground assault against the base had failed to materialize and communist forces began to melt back toward Laos.

Antiwar movement[ edit ] As the Vietnam War continued to escalate, public disenchantment grew and a variety of different groups were formed or became involved in the movement. In August of the following year,President Nixon resigned his office as a result of what became known as "Watergate.

On August 18, Operation Starlite began as the first major U. In the presidential election ofThieu ran for the presidency unopposed. This new policy of, in effect, terrorizing the peasantry into submission was utterly inconsistent with the Washington narrative of winning hearts and minds, but it was fully consistent with everything his forces were actually doing and about to do in I Corps and throughout the country.

They could only respond to the unexpected circumstances in which they found themselves. During the occupation of the historic city, 2, South Vietnamese were murdered by the NLF in the single worst massacre of the conflict.

What we did not know was that our own Congress would violate the accords. There was only the unilateral bombardment of the land and people by the fantastic array of aircraft assembled by the United States in Vietnam.

Two regular divisions and later elements of a third were moving toward Khe Sanh, eventually surrounding the base and cutting off its only road access. Many older Americans have also been affected by decades of distortion and revision designed to sanitize an impossibly soiled record.The moral and cognitive seasickness that has attended the Vietnam War from the beginning afflicts us still.

Yet Kill Anything that Moves permits us, finally, to at least formulate the question in. The truth about the Vietnam War. How the media betrayed the Innocent.

These past five years I have joined the hundreds of thousands who believe it is high time the truth be told about the Vietnam War and the people who served there. It's time the American people learn that the United States military did not lose the War, and that a.

The Truth about the U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War The fundamental reason to explain US involvement in Vietnam throughout this time period is the belief that communism was a threat to the capitalist state of America. President Truman was an anti-Communist and he has introduced the Truman Doctrine, a pledge to remove.

Why Don’t Americans Know What Really Happened in Vietnam? Why Don’t Americans Know What Really Happened in Vietnam? Vietnam veterans and the history of US involvement in the Vietnam War.

A successful attack on major cities might force the United States to negotiate or perhaps even to withdraw. At the very least, the North Vietnamese hoped it would serve to stop the ongoing escalation of guerilla attacks and bombing in the North.

The truth behind US' Operation Just Cause in Panama

U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War: the Gulf of Tonkin and Escalation, ; The India-Pakistan. The Truth About Tonkin. Print. Naval History Magazine - February Volume 22, Number 1 that high government officials distorted facts and deceived the American public about events that led to full U.S.

Opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War

involvement in the Vietnam War. In Love and War (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press,rev. ed.), pp. ; Andrade and .

The truth behind the us involvement in the vietnam war
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