Youth problem in hong kong

Activities can, for example, be aimed at parenting training, assisting parents to support their children, or student health.

Help Hong Kong's hidden youths come out of their shell

Therefore, they may easily feel stressed when they are not performing well academically. We have witnessed an increase in cases of self-harm and suicide among teenagers in our community. Every one of us can help our youths see a bright future.

What can we do? Schools, too, have a role to play. Some YNDs have previously admitted that their academic performance is poor and that their relationships with teachers have been strained.

How will Hong Kong youngsters dream if they can barely sleep? Substance abusing, engaging in sex activities or work, thieving, bullyingcreating public nuisances and bear risk in personal security are the common problems that drifters facing.

And this continues throughout the school years. In Japan, the government defines hikikomori as anyone who has completely withdrawn from society for more than six months. Government data shows that our youth unemployment rate of Hong Kong is still a safe city.

2015–2017 youth suicides in Hong Kong

Nevertheless, they are used by mental health care professionals as a way to prevent suicides. There is a lack of communication and caring in their families. What causes this phenomenon?

Many YNDs described their friends as caring and supportive, which suggests that lack of caring in the family may contribute to the night drifting behaviour.

Young night drifters

He suggested that parents and teachers barely have time to help students cope with emotional distress as most effort are spent on academic results of students. Typically, they have poor social skills but are very active in the cyber world.

As the YNDs usually wander in parks or streets at night, they become involved with triad. Those behaviours happen frequently and thus create much public concern. Post-secondary institutions are advised to have a hotline and easy access to psychiatric and psychological services. Social workers try to engage these youth through counselling, and government programs aim to reduce youth unemployment.Young night drifters (abbreviated YNDs; Chinese: 青少年深宵外展) is a term used by the Hong Kong Government to refer to adolescents who loiter at night.

[1] [2] [3] In the past, a YND was defined as a young person (18 and under) loitering outside buildings at night. [4]. a quarterly journal from the hongkong federation of youth groups, a youth journal focuses on a specific theme and topic of relevance to the city and beyond.

CURRENT ISSUE June Vol No.2 Youth Hong Kong looks at local youth issues in a global context. Nov 30,  · The "Hidden Youth" problem. Spreading across Japan, Taiwan, HK, China ===== Uehara is 22 and unemployed. He stopped going to school when he was 14, choosing to. “Hidden youth” have withdrawn themselves from society, unable to establish or express them.

This is not only a problem for their families and their future, but also a problem for Hong Kong society. Legislative Council Secretariat IN12/ Research and Library Services Division page 1 INFORMATION NOTE The youth drug abuse problem in Hong Kong.

5 days ago · Youth crime is a big problem these days.

Hong Kong’s ‘youth problem’ is really the failure of its test-focused education system

In urban, competitive societies like Hong Kong, teenagers can easily be led astray and may even end up joining triad gangs.

Youth problem in hong kong
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